Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What if the Superdelegates Decide the Election?

Hillary Clinton isn't going anywhere. She is committed to continuing, knowing full well that she will not have as many elected delegates as Obama has. It appears that she is going to try and convince the superdelegates that she is more electable and that they should therefore overrule us.

The pundits are trying to guess what will happen if the superdelegates chose to ignore our wishes. Some have said that democrats will come together and support whichever candidate they put forward. I believe that would be true if it seemed that the candidate won fairly. If the superdelegates decide the election in favor of someone who received less votes and less elected delegates, I for one will not be able to support the democratic party. How can you support a party that doesn't actually believe in democracy?

Republicans always accuse democrats of being elitist. If superdelegates decide our election, the democratic party will prove them right. What could be more elitist than a group of powerful superdelegates deciding that we the people are too stupid to chose the right candidate?

Some time during the Clinton years I became so fed up with the democrats move to the right that I registered as an independent. I re-registered as a democrat to vote for Barack Obama. But I warn you democrats, my support is tentative and conditional. I support you as long as you show some vision, some backbone, and some belief in real democracy. If you give up on us, I for one will give up on you. I doubt that I am alone.

My prediction - If Hillary appears to have stolen the election with a backroom superdelegate deal, many of the young, excited new voters will stay home and be turned away from politics for a long time to come. The number of registered independents will continue to grow while the democratic and republican parties will become more and more mummified.

Anyone know whose running in the Libertarian party?

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