Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Freedom to Marry Week: Whose Marriage does the Church Approve?

join the conversationMost of the objection to gay marriage comes from religious people. As I've mentioned before, regular church attendance is the most telling factor when looking at who will be for or against gay marriage.

These people believe that marriage is a union before god. So if marriage is a joining of two people before god, do all gods count? If you are a christian, do you accept a marriage before Allah? Do you accept a marriage before the Buddha? Do you accept a pagan marriage? Do you accept a marriage between two people who don't believe in god at all?

If I were to start a religion (let's call it snarkism) whose main tenet was that only people of the same sex should get married, would that be an acceptable marriage before god? Even if it was christian in every other sense of the word?

Let's get real here. The objections to gay marriage come largely from people who think they can impose their particular idea of morality on the rest of us. And it doesn't matter if they get that morality from their religion or they use their religion as a shield for their prejudices. Enough already.

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1 comment:

Daemon said...

Screw the "Church" and screw the people who use religion to enforce their BS on rest of this country.

Organized religion has always had a vile underlying taint from so often being primarily a means of manipulating people to accumulate money, power and social standing.

The entire conflict over gay marriage centers around conspicuously married, conspicuously religious people being hyper-aware of their social status through slavish adherence to the narrow social norms of their communities.

Granting some measure of moral equivalence by allowing gay people to marry would, by some transitive or associational property, "cheapen" their own pride in being so conspicuously married upright citizens.

What utterly ridiculous crap... how miserable must your life and psyche be to make preventing gay marriage a focus of your life.

I got my car surrounded and mobbed by the Aryan Youth... er, I mean whatever Proud Christian Youth Organization was demonstrating, around prop 8 time here in CA for yelling "Bigots go home!" out of my car window while in the drive-through adjacent to their demonstration corner.

Kinda fun cause I'll bang some heads if need be, but it really brought home how dangerous the hateful rhetoric of these religious "leaders" could be to people in other situations... a gay teen, a gay couple, someone that's a vulnerable target regardless of sexual orientation.